The education system is not holistic, meaning it does not develop the students in all aspects of life like physical and mental fitness, objective oriented-ness, interpersonal skills, financial literacy etc. The end result is a generation which isn’t health conscious, lacks in self confidence and courage, is wayward in thinking, and understands neither  what’s good for them nor for the society. And again ironically Man is defined as a social being while he doesn’t relate to the society’s needs at all.
Majority of the students who graduate from the current institutions are not completely aware of their responsibilities and their roles towards the society and also do not make good progress in their professional pursuits.
Hence the Institute of Human Excellence and Professional Management (IHEPM) was born to help the students to overcome the above shortcomings and develop the required qualities and skills to be a better human being and a contributing member of the society as well as manage their professional lives.
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Vision of IHEPM:
To have a profound impact on the role, performance, attitude and behavior of individuals and organizations, such that they become expressions of excellence in achievement, in progress and in social contribution
Mission of IHEPM:
We are dedicated to helping others, as well as ourselves in the drive towards personal and professional excellence.
What is Human Excellence and Professional Management?
It is being the best we can be in every situation
It is doing the best we can do in every endeavor
The Institute of Human Excellence and Professional Management courses are designed to address the following areas 
Human Excellence areas:
Physical Fitness – makes you active, healthy, stress-free, control anger, get better sleep and increases output- all leading to a healthy you and a healthy society
Moral  and Social Values – Good Habits, Good Company, Disliking for bad habits like Smoking, Lies, Alcohol, Porno Culture, Violence, etc, Respect for elders, emotional balance, love for peace, personal ethics- all leading to Morally upright you and the society
Mental Maturity compliant, compatible, responsible, committed, personal abilities awareness, happy, mentally balance- all leading to mentally balanced you and the society
Self Discipline High self confidence and self esteem, positivity, efficiency- all leading to productive you and the society
Family and Social Living Skills – clear ideas about roles and responsibilities, adequate decision making skills, communication of feelings, skills for managing difficult behavior, realistic expectation of one another- all leading to a happy family and a happy society.
Professional Management areas:
Interpersonal and communication skills – Successful relationships (at home, office, friends, society) , doesn’t become victim to injustice, ability to claim personal rights, climb the promotion ladder at work. – all leading to trustworthy and confident you and the society
Earning skills – financial independence, ability to help others, improved self confidence and self esteem – all leading to financially independent you and the society
Finacial literacy – ability to manage earnings, homes, business, free of debts, secure, financial independence – all leading to financially better managed you and the society
Leadership skills – personal successes, business successes, professional ethics,happiness at home, well-directed and guided society – all leading to self-driven you a well guided society
Change Management - adaptability - all leading to a progressive you and a progressive society
Negotiation and Interview SkillsProblem resolving, Persuading, mediating and negotiating, bargaining abilities, Creating a CV, Self marketing – all leading to success in Job Interviews, current professions, resolving professional issues, family problems and community matters.