Name of the course :
Diploma in Human Excellence and Professional Management
Duration of the course                  3 months
Course Timings :  7 am to 10 am ( Morning Batch )
                              5 pm to 8 pm   ( Evening Batch )
Duration of each Module            5 days a week
Course Modules
101 Self Discipline                                                     4 - weeks
102 Time Management                                              1 - week
103 Communication and Interpersonal Skills             4 - weeks
104 Earning Skills                                                      12-weeks
105 Money Management Skills (Financial Literacy)    1 – week
106 Health Management Skills
(Physical Fitness and Nutrition)                                  12 weeks
107 Change Management                                          1 - week
108 Moral Values and Character Development           4 - weeks
109 Leadership Skills                                                  2 - weeks
110 Family and Social Living Skills                               2 - weeks
111 Negotiation and Interview Skills                           2 -weeks
Course Beneficiaries
First Group :                          BE,MBA,MCA,MBBS & PG
Second Group :                      Inter & Degree Students
Course Objectives :
To coach our students to develop self discipline, self confidence and efficiency
To hone and develop in our students interpersonal and effective communication skills
To train and guide our students to earn their livelihood in the field of their own interest To mentor and train our students in personal finance management skills
To help our students become mentally mature, balanced and responsible human beings.
To develop team spirit and leadership skills in our students
To teach adaptability skills and help develop a flexible personality and openness to new technology and culture
To train our students to be health conscious and physically fit
To educate our students in character building and development of moral and social values 

Module Details

101 Self Discipline
  1. What is Self Discipline?
  2. Benefits of Self Discipline
  3. Self Discipline Process
    Decision, Preparation, Action, Completion/Maintenance
  4. Practical Training
  5. Pillars of Self discipline
    Acceptance, Willpower, Hardwork, Industry, Persistence
102 Time Management
  1. Time – Various perspectives
  2. Activity logs
  3. To – do Lists
  4. The Urgent/Important Matrix
  5. The Action Priority Matrix
  6. PManaging Interruptions
  7. The Art of Filing
103 Interpersonal and Communication Skills
  1. Perception,
  2. Listening,
  3. Language,
  4. Emotions,
  5. Non-verbal communication,
  6. Self-disclosure,
  7. Communication climate,
  8. Conflict resolution
104 Earning Skills
  1. If employed, is the work situation satisfactory? (Eg punctuality, attendance, performance, social interactions, etc.)
  2. If unemployed, is individual suitable for employment?
  3. If unemployed, is individual suitable for Self employment?
  4. If unemployed, can the individual find work without assistance?
  5. If unemployed, is individual suitable for business?
105 Money Management Skills (Financial Literacy)
  1. Is the individual's income adequate?
  2. Can the individual budget and handle money effectively?
  3. Can the individual handle financial commitments without assistance?
  4. Is individual receiving all benefits to which he or she is entitled?
106 Health Management Skills
  1. Health and various dimensions of Life
  2. Benefits of Health Management
  3. Factors contributing to good health
  4. Body proportion and fitness routine
  5. Physical Fitness and Nutrition
  6. Practical Training and Practice Sessions
  7. Physical Fitness and Food habits
107 Change Management
  1. Change Happens
  2. Anticipate change
  3. Monitor Change
  4. Adapt to change quickly
  5. Change
  6. Enjoy Change
  7. Be ready to change quickly and enjoy it again
108 Moral Values and Character Development
  1. Love:                  Caring, Thoughtfulness, Kindness.
  2. Respect for Life:  Tolerance, Courtesy, Cooperation
  3. Self-Discipline:     Determination, Will Power, Restraint.
  4. Perseverance:      Striving, Effort, Confidence, Endurance
  5. Service:              Purpose, Responsibility, Helpfulness
  6. Harmony:           Optimism, Co-operation, Enthusiasm
109 Leadership skills
  1. Concept of Leadership
  2. Attributes of Leadership
  3. Qualifications, goals, and role of a Leader
110 Family and Social Living skills
Does the individual and his family have:
  1. Clear ideas about roles and responsibilities? (Who does what?)
  2. Adequate decision-making skills? (Who decides and how?)
  3. Skills for managing difficult behaviour?
  4. Satisfactory communication of feelings? (Content and expression)
  5. Realistic expectations of one another?
  6. Receptive attitudes to outside assistance? (Accepting help)
111 Negotiation and Interview Skills
  1. Problem resolving
  2. Persuading
  3. Mediating and negotiating
  4. Bargaining abilities
  5. Creating a CV
  6. Self Marketing