IHEPM Identifies individual Human Potential and help them scale themselves. IHEPM helps you to overcome the weaknesses in following areas
Human Excellence areas:
Lack of Physical Fitness – laziness, prone to illness, low output, stress, short temper, sleep disorder – all leading to unhealthy society
Lack of Moral  and Social Values – Bad Habits, Smoking, Alcohol, Porno Culture, Violence, Disrespect for elders, emotional imbalance, crime, illegal transactions, lies, communal disharmony – all leading to corruption and chaos in the society
Lack of Mental Maturity – Waywardness, irresponsibility, lack of commitment, personal abilities awareness, prone to depression, mental imbalance – all leading to diseased society
Lack of Self Discipline – lack of self confidence and self esteem, inferiority complex, negativity, inefficiency – all leading to an underproductive society
Professional Management areas:
Lack of Interpersonal and Communication Skills – unsuccessful relationships (at home, office, friends, society) , victim to injustice, inability to claim personal rights, climb the promotion ladder at work. – all leading to mistrust in the society
Lack of Earning Skills – dependency, parasitic culture, crime, beggary, debts, self esteem – all leading to a dependent society
Lack of Financial Literacy – Inability to  manage earnings, homes, business, leads to debts, irritation and frustration , insecure, no financial independence – all leading to heavy debts and a financially mismanaged society
Lack of Leadership Skills – personal failures, business failures, domestic problems (home becomes a monkey house), directionless society – all leading to subservience to others and a leaderless society
Lack of Change Management - inadaptability, - all leading to an under developed society

IHEPM Methodology
IHEPM believes  in Progressive Leadership and it’s methodology for the course is
Objective > Efforts > Responsibility > Excellence