Every educational institute aims at producing a knowledgeable student but a disciplined and value-driven individual who is not only harnessed with knowledge but also soft skills and values must be the aim of a school. If an educational institute shifts its focus from imparting knowledge and broadens its vision by also working on the values and discipline of the child, which results in the child not only having an improved IQ but also improved social awareness and good character traits, this will ultimately result in a smart, creative, disciplined and value-driven individual , who has the ability to conquer the world but also the determination to serve his nation and community. This child can become a true asset to the community and nation.

Further apart from values and skills if one includes a holistic aspect, this makes the child a good believer and a valuable asset for the ummah.

Nowadays, mass production of academic geeks with low moral and social values is resulting in a higher percentage of students that are not an asset but a liability to the community and nation.
They are becoming parasites using the resources of the community and nation and are not paying back their share to the world. This Creates a huge gap between humans and HUMANE humans …and this results in social and communal dilemmas.

With every role, there’s a set of responsibilities.
In the context of teaching, at every level of administration either class teacher, principal or HOD. Their’s certain responsibilities assigned. Similarly, in the role of a student there are certain responsibilities assigned….fulfilling these responsibilities that come with your ROLE defines you…and with every responsibility…the quality also matters….you can’t just teach and say I am.done with my responsibility…It’s your CONVICTION AND LOYALNESS towards your responsibility and your SINCERITY in your ROLE. That generates a QUALITY output and validate your efforts.

It’s like the fact that any number multiplied by 0 always gives zero .
It doesn’t matter you multiply 10 or 1000…the answer remains 0.

Similarly how much efforts you put in doesn’t matter if you don’t do justice with your role.

Firmness is an important trait to be acquired by individuals to make sure he’s doing justice to the Role he has taken up.

Firmness is that catalyst that helps the two products … action and persistence react together and give an outcome .[quality education/culture]


Processes play a major role in making or breaking an organization…It is what gives structure to an organization.
The system is like the body of a human… without which spirit can’t exist.
The same applies to a system …system gives the structure…without which one cannot blow the spirit [execute well]
Without the cake [system] one cannot do the icing [execution] without the execution one cannot deliver the quality product [a strawberry cake with vanilla icing]

Hence similarly, a time table is like a structure…unless one has a well defined time table with provision of free periods to accommodate other co curricular or other activities…one can’t ensure productive outcome as uncertainty is constant and unavoidable.

The 3 activities one must do to become a successful man.

1. Archery
2. Swimming
3. Horse Riding

Archery teaches focus
Swimming teaches pressure handling
Horse Riding teaches Leadership

The Alternatives for Student’s:
Sales for pressure handling.
As sales help one to learn the ups and downs and exposes one to the harshness of the world. It makes one strong and widens once horizon of world and how the world works.

Archery or Dart [focus] and karate [persistant Focus] .
Staying focused helps you get more done in less time. This is an essential skill, that enables one to get task done effectively in minimal time. This helps one in becoming more productive.
As believers developing focus helps you to do fulfill your obligations by avoiding distractions and helps you in doing quality ibadah.

Taking risk is one of the major qualities of a successful person. Risk taking ability defines our hunger for success. The higher the risk, the greater is the ambition to succeed. Hence risk taking at early stages of career promotes decision making and critical thinking…that enables one to understand and evaluate opportunities and also overcome adversity more easily.
One becomes a sportsman through practice similarly one becomes successful through risk taking.

The session was conducted in the context of improving the functionality of the institute. The speaker emphasized the 4 major areas IOE works on ,which involve ,physical quotient, mental ,emotional and spiritual quotient.
Physical quotient, includes the physical aspect of the body- excericise and nutrition part.
To effectively excute this the team needs to have a manual i.e a hardbound manual to implement it effectively .
The MQ includes improvement of the mental quotient by improving reading and understanding through having a strong grip on LSRW , communicating requires all the 4 LSRW , and building good communication skills is the requirement of delivering your idea’s effectively.
The SQ includes- knowing who am I? This who am I? can only be defined correctly , we know what is our context, after a thorough understanding of life of prophet’s and their companions, studying their lives, their reactions to situations and lessons highlighted from their lives.
The EQ can be established, only by internal efforts, it’s primary requirements is courage.
And as teacher’s we must be conscious of our behaviour and words, as we are the environment child is seeking subconscious training from.
(For eg. the Difference between children of educated vs uneducated parents)
Practicing values is important to manifest it. (Spread it to children)
“What values are for a person are culture for an organization”
So, as teacher’s we must prioritize to improve our conduct and behaviour,to give the child,the environment,what IOE envisions and be the person Allah asks us to become. (Prophet saw ,is our role model,he is the gold standard for the values.
Values are like different jewels, ,the ruby ,the sapphire and the emerald, you are keen not only to have all jewels but also the most authentic/bigger of each of them, this same rule applies to building values, every value is equally important and you must be keen to acquire all the values and learn to demonstrate them in the bestest possible form. For eg. You can’t say you have achieved honesty until it is at the same level of prophet,which is unachievable, so value building is a process of constant growth until the last breath)
For the execution of vision, having a hard copy of manual of all the area’s PQ,MQ,SQ,EQ (integration of these subjects with core academics) helps us in working on all the four aspects, by outlining objectives, creating goals,and execution of the methodology with ease, and assessment of the outcomes with the defined objectives.

How the session helped me?
From younus A.S story I learned that we need to be patient and not dilute our efforts based on the student’s negligence.

From the talk of what motivated and gave courage to the companions of the prophet to martyr , i learnt that it was their sincerity towards LOVE Of Allah that filled them with courage.
So, we must also strive to develop such sincerity towards achieving our goal, which Is solely done to please Allah, and this love encourages us to do whatever it takes.

What I understood from the session ?
It is important to have a framework before we proceed with the execution, as it helps us to stick to context and helps in defining our daily goals.

[Eg- making a cookbook recipe has a better outcome,compared to a experimental recipe, the outcome can be defined for eg-the cookbook gives you an idea that the cake will be moist and airy and the product has relevent characteristics, while a experimented cake can’t be judged on same characteristics as the result is not well defined)

What do I want to implement?
I always felt the execution part is not achievable for me, but after thorough thinking, it struck me that, I need to gain internal courage and initiate something, without focusing on the outcome or overthinking on the result.

When I entered the room ,I had many thoughts,will I be able to understand as I have already drained my energy [editing yesterday’s session,nutrition planning part,teaching] but now I realized it’s not that way, it isn’t a concrete fact,it’s just a reason or excuse,you give yourself ,in order to escape hardworking of brain.
And overthinking creates barriers that traps you in your ownself,you lose focus from work and other’s, and focus on yourself,your inhibitions, your fears etc.
I need to learn the measures to tackle them.
And now I also think as barakah comes from intention and seeking Allah’s help, asking for Barakah from Allah,may allow me to write /work in a way that requires less editing/less effort with increased efficiency in a shorter time….IA 

Post by:  Sarah Fatimah

Sarah is a Nutritionist by profession, she joined IOE and is taking her “Finishing School”, she has had a big transformation at IOE. She can be contacted at www.healthgarnish.com


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